Rustic Lightia was fathered into the internet world by Loui in 2020. After many years as an oversees factory consultant manufacturing lighting, he needed to break camp and return home to care for his aging mother, now with stage five dementia. The idea was pretty simple, take care of the mother as she’d taken care of him.

The Mission

While mother was concentrating on her jigsaw puzzles, Loui works with his overseas team to bring you rustic lighting, nic nacs, and good reads. Eventually he’d offer a few select lights to rustic obsessed homeowners with one goal – customer satisfaction.


Loui founded Rustic Lightia in 2020 and does a lot of writing and while carrying for his 96-year-old mother – who’s got dementia. Loui’s not so young anymore either.


Loui’s mother was diagnosed with stage-5 dementia in 2020 while he was working overseas. Loui determined the time had come to fulfill a promise – be her caregiver.